Marta Husiatynski

Polish Speaking

Marta is fluent in English and Polish. Her years of work experience at All Saints Catholic Cemetery have provided her with knowledge of the practices and procedures, along with a Catholic upbringing with traditions of the Catholic Church. Her personal life experience allows her to use that knowledge to serve all her families with patience, compassion, and empathy through the process of planning for the future or immediate need. She will provide excellent service to families and individuals who seek assistance at all locations of the Chicago Archdiocese Cemeteries.

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It's never easy to look for a final resting place for your loved one. The customer service that I received was outstanding. I was helped by Marta Husiatynski, she not only gave me advice on how to approach this whole matter, I ended up leaving the cemetery feeling a lot lighter and happier. Thank you Marta again for your help!
Joanne H.
Thanks Martha for all your time and attention, truly appreciate your patience. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Marlene W.
Marta, we can't "thank you" enough for everything you did and how beautiful everything turned out. This is very special to us and our family.
John S.
Marta, everything went beautifully!
You team did a lovely job and you were right, the ceremony under the gazebo as well as the rising of the casket into the crypt was very special. People were very moved and most importantly, my mom was very comforted by the decision to be in the garden. So, truly, thank you.
Rana A.