Queen of Heaven Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleums


Queen of Heaven Cemetery represents the first of the “modern” cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Chicago. These sacred cemetery grounds were consecrated in 1947 and span 470 acres. The Cemetery has over 200,000 interments (as of 12/31/22).

Queen of Heaven is home to the largest Catholic Mausoleum in the world. The Cemetery also features the Cremation Garden of St. Gabriel (the second cremation garden in the Archdiocese of Chicago) as well as outdoor crypt complexes: Christ the King, Crucifixion Garden Crypts, and Resurrection Garden Crypts, which feature outdoor above-ground burial spaces for full-body and cremated remains.


The Mausoleum at Queen of Heaven Cemetery was the first of its kind in the Chicagoland area, it is also the world’s largest Catholic Mausoleum. The Mausoleum itself is three stores tall and comprises three buildings, all physically connected: Queen of Heaven, Queen of Angels, and Queen of All Saints.

The Mausoleum opened in three stages:
  • Queen of Heaven, with approximately 6,900 crypts, in 1957
  • Queen of Angels, with approximately 8,500 crypts in 1960
  • Queen of All Saints, with approximately 15,000 crypts in 1964
The Mausoleum complex sits on approximately 3 acres of land and accommodates approximately 31,000 crypts for full-size entombments and over 900 niches for cremated remains.

The Mausoleum serves as one of the world’s great museums of religious art by containing 92 first class relics, 227 stained glass windows, 60 marble statues, intricate mosaics, exotic hardwoods and 125 types of marble. There are over 200 scriptural quotations hand painted on the walls throughout the Mausoleum. The artwork was created by an array of local and international artists, including a few from the Chicagoland area, Italy, and Ireland, among others.

The central feature of the Mausoleum is Our Lady’s Chapel, which at first glance may look like a regular chapel, but flanking the sides of the chapel are glass front niches for cremated remains and crypts along the side walls. This style of entombment echoes early Christian traditions, when it was believed that the closer to the altar you were laid to rest, the easier it would be to get into Heaven.
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In 2018, in response to the growing popularity of cremation, Queen of Heaven became the site of the second Cremation Garden in the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Cremation Garden of Saint Francis provides an array of interment choices in a picturesque outdoor setting. 


It’s a nice quiet place. All four of my grandparents are here.
Allie O.
I enjoy walking around the 4 big mausoleums they have there!
Janet B.
Very peaceful, serene, tranquil. Comforting final resting place. Beautiful grounds.
K. M.
Such a beautiful cemetery. Lots of history. The office staff is helpful, respectful & helped to make a difficult time a little easier.
Kathy W.
Parents, grandparents and other family members are buried here. The office is helpful  and groundsmen take wonderful care of the lawns. Thank you so much!
Linda G.
This mausoleum has some of the most beautiful art and sculptures I have ever seen.
M. R.
Always a lovely place to come visit. Very quiet. It's nice to walk up and down the halls, paying respects to those who rest there.
Hollis G.
Great customer service from cemetery management. The cemetery manager satisfactorily answered all my questions with great patience and respect.
M. W.
This is a very lovely, well kept cemetery. Staff are courteous and helpful. 
Pamela W.
Their affordable plans made it so easy for me to take care of it on my own and not burden my family. Plus as a Catholic I am so grateful to be buried in a Catholic cemetery.
Linda D.

I am pleased with how easy it was to pick out our grave spots.
Highly recommended.

Bernadette B.


For more than 180 years, the Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago have served as a foundation to families, joining generations through Peace of Mind, Tradition and Faith.

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