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When we are baptized, we are brought to a sacred place, a Catholic church, and baptized into the mystery of Christ's death and resurrection - thus giving us the promise of eternal life. When one of our loved ones die, we take them to another sacred place, a Catholic cemetery, for burial in sacred ground while they await the resurrection of the dead and the promise of eternal life.

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Know your options and who can help with your decision


For those who prefer convenience and savings, and wish to customize their cemetery needs, the Catholic Cemeteries offer the Optional Complete Service (OCS) Plan. Under one arrangement, all of the following can be added to any grave purchased.

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Our 45 Locations

From Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville serving Northern Cook and Lake to Assumption Cemetery in Glenwood to the south, the Catholic Cemeteries are there to serve you. We have 15 locations with permanent offices that serve the needs of the Catholic faithful.

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Catholic Cemetery Consultants are available to meet with you and educate you on all your cemetery and funeral options, including cremation burials.

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